European Wood Preservative Manufacturers Group


Working together to achieve clarity and consistency in standards
and regulations in the wood preservation



EWPM represents manufacturers of wood preservatives in the European Union. Members are based in or operate in all of the member states of the E.U. and represent the leaders in the market.

The Group has representation on the European Biocidal Product Forum (EBPF) sector group of the European Chemical Industry Council (CEFIC) responding to developing EU regulations and directives affecting the use of biocidal products. EWPM is a member, appointed by the Director General of DG Environment, of the Industrial Emissions Directive Article 13 Forum operating as an expert group for the IED processes.

EWPM is also a member of the IED Technical Working Group developing the IED Best Available Techniques Reference document (BREF) for wood preservation with chemicals. EWPM is an Accredited Stakeholder Organisation (ASO) working with the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) on aspects of regulation of biocidal products. In addition EWPM meets directly with European Commission and member state representatives and their consultants.

Technical guidelines for assessment of various aspects of the safety of wood preservatives are developed by the Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD) in cooperation with EWPM.

CEN/TC 38 is responsible for the development of European Standards in the field of wood preservation. CEN/TC 351 covers assessment of substances used in construction products. CEN/TC 112 covers wood-based panels, CEN/TC 124 is Timber Structures and CEN/TC 175 is Round and Sawn Timber. EWPM group has observer status on all these committees and is active in their working groups.

EWPM acts as the focus for all technical and scientific aspects of wood preservation at the European level.  

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